How to set up a Google+ Account

1.  Go to 2.  Click +You in the upper left corner of the screen. 3.  On the upper right section of the screen it says: “Join Google+”, “Sign in with your Google Account”, “Sign In”, “You need a Google Account to join Google+. Don’t have one?” “Create an account” Click “Create an account” 4.  […]

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Just watched the December 28 show – as always, Andy was quite inspiring 🙂 He kept referring to the December 21 show – how do we view the previous shows? Is there a way to download them to our computers so we can watch them later also? Thanks Tamra

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How to set up your personal Facebook account.


-You must be at least thirteen years of age.

-Facebook is of no cost.

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How do I reprint the contract for Fidelity?

I did the Producer Appointment Application for Fidelity through the NAA site. I printed it out. Some of the lines were meshed together. How do I get back to the original to reprint it?

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E & O Insurance

Where do I get my E/o Insurance? I have taken my exam and have passed and not sure where to go from here. I have asked my sponsor several times for help but just not getting it. PLEASE Help. 🙂

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How do I check which version of Firefox or Internet Explorer I have?

If you are using internet explorer:

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I am contracting with Forester and when I attempt to sign it forces me to download…..

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The ad I answered was for an “Assistant Recruiter” and my contract has recently been approved but I do not have my license….

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Confused About Leads!

I am a brand new agent & I am really confused about leads……

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President’s Club Cost?

How much does Presidents Club cost?

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