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How Did We Get Here?

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How Did We Get Here?

National Agents Alliance was founded in 2002 and has since grown to a national insurance marketing organization with agents across the entire nation. We attribute our fast and continual growth to excellent client service and client satisfaction, our premier lead generation system and our comprehensive agent training. As we hire and train agents, they bring on friends and the growth simply never stops!

Although The Alliance was officially established in 2002, its development took place years before then. Andy Albright, the President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, established a set of values for the company to operate by – the eight core values. These 8 core values are excellence, service, integrity, accountability, respect, compassion, community and gratitude. As new agents join NAA, agent mentors, staff and NAA leaders instill these values through training, leading by example and continually enforcing the 8 core values as agents’ careers advance.

Andy also believes that your personal life greatly impacts your professional life, so he encourages all of his agents to balance quality time with their families with hard work. By advising agents to grow personally and professionally, Andy is able to help people achieve their full potential and live the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed about.

Through excellent leadership tactics, an inspirational environment and big dreams, Andy Albright built what is now National Agents Alliance. We continue growing and learning, always seeking to expand our NAA community to new agents and agencies. We have great things in store as we keep moving forward, and we’re glad you are part of this ride!

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