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Changing Your Security Questions Online

You can change the password you use to log in to the National Agents Alliance™ website at any time you deem it necessary.

To change your password, simply follow these steps.

1.       Log in to using your NAA™ number and password.

2.       On the “My NAA™” page which comes up, locate the red tabs on the upper left side. Move your cursor/arrow over “MY NAA™” (at the top of the list). When a list of options comes up, click to select “My Account”.

3.       At the top, click the tab for MY PASSWORD. This will take you to the “My Account – Password Options” page.

4.       Click Change Password Security Information.

5.       Pick the question you wish to choose from the options provided in the drop-down box.

6.       In the box provided, type in the answer you wish to use for the question you selected.

7.       A message will appear stating “Security Information Successfully changed”.

If you continue to experience difficulties after completing the steps above, please contact the Web Support Team at

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