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Contract will not submit

I am trying to submit my Monumental Life contract to NAA. After electronically signing the contract, I clicked on Submit to NAA but nothing happens. I have Adobe version 10 on my computer. Please advise. thanks!

5 responses to “Contract will not submit”

  1. Kathryn L. Smith says:

    I have been trying to sign my new contract and when I try to confirm my identity to sign the message I get says I am not the right person.
    I got into the website with my password but not it is not recognized. What shall I do?

    • srobbins says:


      Please be sure on the confirm my identity page that you are entering your naa password and email address. If you are still having issues, please just give us a call or send us an email at web support and we will be sure to get it fixed for you.

  2. Julian Crumes says:

    I Adobe 10.12, but can’t sign contracts

  3. carol hudson says:

    I have sign a contract with naa on the web but I can’t sign these contracts. I really need to sign these asap please HELP!

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