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How to Get a Domain Name with National Agents Alliance?

There are a couple of ways you can get a domain name. One way is to join President’s Club. After joining you are given 3 types of websites, an English Recruiting, Spanish Recruiting, and a Sales site. You choose the domain name you like and as long as it does not already exist we purchase the domain for you. The template for the site is already there all you have to do is personalize the information and the rest is taken care of. There are also several other benefits to being a President’s Club member. For more information about President’s Club contact Brandi Tipton or Justin Tripp at

The other was you can get a domain name is to go purchase it yourself through a domain service such as godaddy, enom, etc. If you choose this route you will have to change your name servers to for NS1 and for NS2. If you want us to host your email there are no further changes you have to make. However if you want someone else to host your email (ex google, etc) you will have to send us your MX records from the email host. You will also have to set up an email address for each site as follows: For an English Recruiting – Sales – Spanish Recruiting –

If you have any other questions about this process you can contact Web Support at

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  1. DARIN HALEY says:

    Interested in purchasing a NAA domain. What are the costs and the advantages of having it?


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