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Top 5 Ways to get the Most Out of the 2012 National Convention

  1. Dress for Success: You are going to be mingling with thousands of other professionals, if you want your fellow agents to think of you and treat you as a fellow professional, so be sure to dress the part.  It will help you make more connections and associations.
  2. Take Notes: Of course this seems like a no-brainer, but I am not only talking about taking notes on what the speakers are saying from the stage, but jot down a few notes about important conversations you had with any top so you don’t lose that information.
  3. Ask Questions: During the speeches, listen carefully and jot down any questions you may have.  If your question does not get answered during the speech, don’t be shy during the Q&A sessions.  Carrier Vendors will also be available to answer questions between the sessions.
  4. Associate: You can learn more from the conversations you will have with the top agents than you can from the speeches. Take advantage of the All Inclusive Package and eat dinner with some of the top agents, use this time to socialize, associate and learn from them.   Joining the President’s Club can also provide you with more association time with the top agents during the Night Owls and the retreats.
  5. Use your Resources: The National Agents Alliance Store will be open during the conference, which puts a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.  Make the most of it while you can and avoid shipping charges.

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