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How to set up your personal Facebook account.


  • You must be at least thirteen years of age.
  • Facebook is of no cost.

Steps in setting up a Facebook account:

  • Go to
  • Located in the mid-right of the page will be a sign up option.
  • Follows steps (which include) entering your first name, last name, Your email, you will need to create your own personal password, your sex, and birthday.
  • After following steps, click the sign up button.
  • After all steps have been followed, you should be able to log into your Facebook account!

Tips: Your password must consist of at least six characters. You may want to include numbers, and a

various combination of upper and lower case letters. This will help to increase the strength of

your password, which in turn will help to keep your password secure from others.

After logging in you should set up a security question:

  • To do so, click the account menu button ( located at the top right corner of your page)
  • There should now be an account settings option (click this)
  • Click on security question and follow the step by step instructions.

Tips: If you’ve already added a security question, this will not show up as an option for you. Be sure that

your security question is very specific.

To manage your account settings:

  • Click on account settings and you will see various options.

Popular features for Facebook include:

  • Profile/ Wall
  • Chat
  • Links/Videos
  • The option to “like”
  • Option to subscribe
  • Photos
  • News feed/Status updates
  • Facebook Mobile
  • Groups
  • Events

For any issues visit:

Once you have successfully created your Facebook account become our friend:

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