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Lead Credit Guidelines and Procedures

There are six categories in which you can submit a lead for credit. Four categories are available to both managers and agents, and the remaining two are only available to managers (denoted in blue). Any agent that has the need to submit a credit request for numbers 5 or 6 must contact their agency manager for assistance.

1. Lead States Client’s Age is 80 Years or Older

If all applicants on this lead are stated as being 80 years or older

2. Bad Contact Data (Phone and Email)

The contact data on the lead is either incorrect or fraudulent

3. Client Sold by Another NAA Agent

This client has already been issued a policy under another NAA agent

4. Duplicate Lead

This lead has been sold to you once already and you are receiving it again

5. Client is Not English Speaking

This is an English speaking lead type yet the client does not speak nor understand English

6. Lead NOT in GMR (Geographic Mailing Request)

I did not request leads in my GMR for the area this client resides.

A lead can be only be submitted for credit 35 days from the original date of distribution or before—after 35 days the lead is no longer eligible for credit.

Lead Credits are submitted through the Oasys system. Step by step instructions showing how to submit a Lead Credit Request are available at the following link: Click Here.

If your lead is approved for credit, your next invoice from NAA will show the amount the lead was credited for and it will be subtracted from the total. You will NOT receive new leads in the place of credited leads.

If your lead is denied, you will once again be granted access to the lead (by opening the PDF file) and you will be able to work the lead again. Any lead credits that are submitted that are obviously incorrect (for example, if you submit a lead for credit in the Over 80 category but the lead clearly states that the client is not over 80), a $10 charge will be added along with the denial.

If a lead is submitted for credit and after being thoroughly researched it is found to have a verifiable name and address, the lead may be converted to an opportunity lead.

Lead credit processing generally takes anywhere from 5-10 business days.

Not all lead types are allowed for credit requests. The following chart is for your reference:

Eligible for Credit Request NOT Eligible For Credit Request
A leads A3 leads
A1 leads Free leads
A2 leads OPP leads
QRA’s DKD leads
DLP leads Agent Sales
Agent Recruiting

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