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NAA© University™ FAQs

What is NAA© University™ ?

NAA© University™ is the ultimate online training system for newly licensed NAA© agents. It is meant to complement the training offered through an agent’s manager, and will help a new agent quickly become acclimated to the culture and systems of NAA©.

Will NAA© University help me study for my insurance license?

No.  NAA© University™ is for agents who are already licensed and are getting started as agents for NAA©.

What does the curriculum teach?

The program currently includes a 100-level curriculum, which centers on the business of personal production. It tests the agent on the products of our preferred carriers, including annuities.  The curriculum is divided into 6 sections: Becoming an Agent, Getting the NAA© Mindset, The NAA© Sales System, NAA©’s Products, Managing your New Business, and Lead Types & Tips.

Is there an examination?

Yes.  The exam consists of 100 random questions based on subjects referenced in the curriculum.  A grade of 90% is required to pass.  Once an agent passes the exam, he receives a graduate badge which appears on his My Hierarchy page in  Also, he has fulfilled one of the requirements of promotion to the 70% contract level.

Do I have to do NAA© University ?

Yes and No.  Agents coming into NAA© are not required to pass the NAA© University™ certification exam until they are eligible for their promotion to 70% contract. At that time, an agent cannot be promoted further until they have passed the NAA© University™ 100-level certification exam.

What’s the benefit of graduating from NAA© University ?

Passing NAA© University™ ensures that you have a basic foundation of what NAA© is, and how we conduct business.  But perhaps more significant, a study of NAAU™ graduates in 2009 and again in 2011 shows that graduates at a 55-65% contract level submit 29% more business and place 31% more business than agents who do not take the course.

How do I enroll in NAA© University ?

Visit  Or, you may request an enrollment form by sending an email to

What is the passing grade for the NAA© University exam ?


How many times can I attempt to pass the exam ?

Once you have activated your online access to NAA© University™ , you have 90 days to pass the exam.  You can attempt the exam as many times as you like within that 90-day window.

My access to NAA© University has expired – Can I get an extension ?

Yes. We can give you a 10-day extension one time.  After that you will have to re-enroll.

How long does it take to get through NAA© University ?

We allow for 90 days, but most agents complete it in 2 weeks.

4 responses to “NAA© University™ FAQs”

  1. naa185020 says:

    Can brand new agents enroll in NAA University?

    • tparrish says:

      Yes, brand new agents can enroll in NAA University as long as you have signed the NAA Agreement. Anyone can purchase the NAA University Package at or in the physical store, but you must be an active agent to enroll.

  2. What about maintaining principle from an annuity? Is there a production that could keep the principle from an annuity while incuring a life payment for a joint explanation of a 76 and 80 twelvemonth old? I am trying to find out about annuities, have studied quite a bit but ca n’t find out that specific answer.

  3. Ronnie Johnson says:

    What does my account status is still pending mean? I am not able to enroll online because of it?

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