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OASys-My Leads Page Quick Guide

The MY LEADS Layout and Functions:

Lead Information from left to right:

  • Lead Type-Class of Lead (A,A1,AA,3A)
  • Source-Channel that Generated Lead
    1. DML-  Direct Mail Lead
    2. TML-   Telemarketing Lead
    3. CIL-    Call-In Lead
  • State
  • County
  • Name of Client-Displays Name of Primary Applicant on Lead
    1. No Data-If shown open lead file to see clients name.
  • Receive Date-When This Lead was distributed to you.
  • Status- (New, Zipped, Working. Contacted, Appt. Set, Submitted, Pending, Approved, Printed, and Not Interested.)
    1. Status gives you the ability to mark your progress on the lead.
    2. If the status is New, actions you take on the lead, like viewing or Zipping up the file, will automatically cause a status change from New, so you can tell which ones you have not viewed.
  • Date of Last Action
  • Lead Id number, Language, Invoice Date, Manager

Individual Lead Options:

  • Notes-Notes allows you to record pertinent comments on the lead or see notes you made in the past on that lead
  • Maps Address on the Lead
  • View PDF File
  • Check Box is for selecting groups of leads.

Options When Groups of Leads Selected with Check Boxes:

These options are shown at the bottom of the page under ACTIONS FOR SELECTED leads.  You can either select leads yourself by adding a check in the box located to the far right of the lead, or you can use the Check All button on the bottom of the page.

  • Make Printable PDF- allows you to batch print the selected leads. 
  • Make Zip Distribution-Makes a zip file distribution of all leads selected.
  • TLP/DKD Export- exports leads to an excel file.

Sorting and Display Options:

Upon entry to the MY LEADS page, leads are displayed in the order you received them, newest first.

  • In the DISPLAY Box this lets you choose how many records to view on each page.  There is a maximum limit of 200 per page.
  • The PAGE tab in the upper right corner allows you to cycle through your pages of leads.
  • Filtering Options:
    1. Lead Type-You can filter leads by type.
    2. Lead Status- You can filter by the current status of the leads
    3. Distribution Source- You can filter by whether you received the lead as part of a GMR or an IP order
    4. Display- You can select the number of leads to be viewed on one page
    5. Area- You can select the county and the state
    6. Zip Code- This will organize by Zip Code.  This Option is only available for DKD leads.
    7. Receive Date- This is the date that you received the lead
    8. Week Ending: This date will correspond with your Invoice.

Select one or more of these options and then select the FILTER button for your leads to display.

If you have any further questions or need any assistance with OASys, please contact your agency manager or

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