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Positive Feedback

At , we welcome feedback from agents in an effort to continue on our path of constant growth and improvement. We strive for excellence in everything we do at NAA, from lead generation to agent training, and we want to know how we can improve or enhance your experience with us. We are glad to hear your concerns and suggestions – we value your feedback more than you know. We look forward to hearing from you!

3 responses to “Positive Feedback”

  1. srobbins says:


    For questions regarding products offered to your clients you can contact your manager or and we will get your question to the correct person.

  2. Stephanie Graham says:

    We have quote engines and illustrations on each of the carrier pages on If you need more help, contact your upline.

  3. Julie R Berry says:

    I was listening to a product call by Grant Swindell today while cooking dinner. I am brand new to Alliance. Got my license and completed my NAA courses and have been stuck…scared, ill-equipt with basic materials to even get started..but have been wanting so bad to get into the home. I was listening to his amazing talk today and was really encouraged as a newbie to just get going. My husband and I have reached put directly to the carriers we contracted with to get application’s and are putting togehter our ATM, printing out NAA activity sheets until we figure out how to get the activity planner. We are excited that there are people we can call if we can get stuck in the house. Brant really was a blessing and spoke some specific and uplifting things that God new I needed to hear today to get me the courage I needed. We are fly8ng blind but we are excited to try this! Thank you so much for the we’d, thurs, and Fri calls. They help a lot! And let Brant know his testimony of his age 14 story really had me in tears. It was awesome he shares That!
    Julie Berry

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