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Rock Star Travel Tips from National Agents Alliance

Rock Star Travel Tips to help you conserve room when you are packing for National Convention so you can fit the more crucial things like notebooks, pens, and recorders in your luggage!

  • Bring travel size toiletries
  • Wear your large items; instead of packing them
  • Know exactly what should be packed (to avoid packing too much)
  • Put smaller items in your shoes (socks, glasses, toiletries)
  • Put the weighted items in the bottom
  • Purchase some things when you get to your destination (snacks, drinks, etc)
  • Make a checklist. And double check it.
  • Instead of folding your clothes roll then up! This is a definite room saver!!(You can even roll your suits – just keep it on the hanger and roll it up!)
  • Do not procrastinate. Waiting until the last minute, desperately throwing clothes in a suitcase is one of the most common reasons for over-packing

Conserving room in your suitcase can mean little or no checked-luggage at the airport; saving at least $50 (average checked luggage fee on most airlines one-way is $25)

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