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Setting Up a Corp. with National Agents Alliance

How do I set up a corporation if I already have an individual NAA number and contracts in my individual name?

Step 1: Apply for an insurance license in your corp name with the state department of insurance.
Step 2 cannot be completed until your license has been received.

Step 2: Contact your upline manager and ask them to go to and set up the “Add a Corporation” link to your National Agents Alliance contracting site. Once this is available, click the link and follow the steps to receive a NAA # for your corporation.

Step 3:  Contact your upline manager to request that all your online contracts be pushed back to be re-done and re-submitted with your corp information.

Managers can send request for contracts to be pushed back to

Step 4:  Re-submit new contracting for all your current individual contracts selecting the corp option for all online contracts and filling out the corp info for all your current contracts that are on

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