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Tips for Contacting Clients

  • Before you head out to your appointments, plug in the addresses of families you weren’t able to get in contact with and find out where they are located on your route.
  • Then, as you are driving to your appointments, stop by the homes of the families you’ve had trouble contacting.
  • When you arrive at the house….

1.)  Call the family to see if they are home.

2.)  When they do not answer; add the family’s contact information to your cell phone so you will be able to identify them by name when they call

3.)  Fill in the delivery notice sticky note making SURE in the ID line to include a “code” that will prompt you to discuss specific coverage when the family contacts you.

  • The numbers in the code can be any number you chose; for instance, you could use your Birthday, or your Anniversary, anything simple.  The letters should correspond to the lead type.  For instance, TML FE is a Telemarketing Final Expense Lead.
  • When the family calls…

Have them read the code to you, and use the information to help you discuss coverage with the family on the road.

Check out the following examples……

102088TML FE— “Steve, I see that somebody called you about your burial expenses…”

71680MP —“Rachel I wanted to talk to you about your mortgage protection…..”

6161CIL MP “I see that you contacted our home office about covering your mortgage….”

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