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Training With Carriers

Want help with getting those annuity applications processed ASAP???  Did you know about all of the training that’s available on under Carriers, American Equity?

Check out these resources …

Do you have questions about how to determine whether an annuity is a suitable product for your clients?  Want to know how to fill out the suitability form?  Go to Carriers, American Equity & review these links…

  • American Equity Suitability Guidelines
  • American Equity FAQ on Suitability
  • American Equity Guide to Completing Suitability Acknowledgement Form 4106
  • Tips on Completing the Annuity Application

Not sure how to fill out the application, the potential business form, the disclosure statement, the transfer forms, etc.?  Check out this link!  It goes through the application & all forms page by page with notes on how to complete them!!

  • Tips on Completing the Annuity Application

Want to know more about the annuity products?  Check out these training guides.

  • Annuity and LIBR Training
  • And check out all of the annuity training on NAAtv and in NAAU!

Did you miss the national conference call with American Equity with lots of great tips & information…or do you want to hear it again?

Go to and search for Marlys.  The call is titled “American Equity – How to Fill Out An Application”.

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